Full Length Plays
“but you’re okay” (formally “What Actually Happened Was”)
Finalist: 2016 ATHE Award of Excellence in Playwriting; Kitchen Dog Theater 2016 New Works Festival
Workshop at UMASS Amherst New Play Lab, April 2016
Staged reading directed by Sarah Krohn at The Dirty Blondes’ Beta Series, November 2015

“Havana, Wisconsin”
Finalist: Sanguine Theatre Company’s 2015 Project Playwright Festival
Staged reading directed by Courtney Ulrich at Going to Tahiti Productions, December 2014

“Jew Kamp”
2015 Israel Baran Award
Finalist: The Inkwell, 2014; 2014 Jewish Plays Project Contest
Semi-finalist: Unicorn Theatre’s 2017-2018 In-Progress New Play Reading Series; Austin Film Festival Playwriting Competition, 2017; Trustus 2015 Playwrights’ Festival; nuVoices Festival, Actors Theatre of Charlotte, 2014; The Cherry Lane Theatre Mentor Project, 2014; Semi-finalist, Play Penn, 2013
Staged reading directed by Marya Mazor at Pasadena Playhouse’s Greenhouse at the Playhouse, January 2016
Workshop directed by Alan Blumenfeld at Theatricum Botanicum, August 2014
Workshop, directed by Benjamin Kamine at The Flea Theater, November 2012

“I Changed My Mind, I’m Fine”
Finalist: Leah Ryan’s FEWW Prize for Emerging Women Playwrights, 2012
Semi-finalist: 2012 Reverie Productions’ Next Generation Playwriting Contest; Trustus 2013 Playwrights’ Festival
Nominated for the 2013 Cherry Lane Theatre Mentor Project
Reading directed by Jerry Ruiz at Ensemble Studio Theater, September 2017 Workshop directed by Eva Muson at WordBRIDGE Playwrights Lab, June 2012
Staged reading directed by Ivanna Cullinan at The Brick Theater, Oven Series, January 2012
Staged reading directed by Jillian Armenante at University of Southern California, New Works III Festival, May 2011

“Buyer’s Remorse”
Reading, Radical Evolution, Brooklyn, NY, May 2012
Staged reading directed by Nathan Singh at The Western Edge Playwright’s Salon, December 2010

“Jessie & Sam (Or Sam & Jessie): A Totally Absurd Love Story”
Staged reading directed by Heather Cohn at The Platform Group, Ladder Series, September 2012
Workshop production directed by Abigail Gonda at University of Southern California, Blueprints Festival, April 2010
Reading, University of Southern California, Strategic Design Festival, May 2009

“Lashon Hora”
Published in “Living and Writing of America’s Left Coast: Contemporary Women’s Plays”

One Act Plays
Reading directed by Rachel Dart, The Tank, August 2016

“Esther the Queen”
Reading, 2012 Emerging Voices Playwriting Competition, The Croton Academy of Arts, April 2012

“The Trolley Problem”
Reading directed by Chuck Kartali Gumbo Festival, Generous Company, February 2013

Ten Minute Plays
Production directed by Sarah Krohn, Rule of 7×7 at The Tank, June 2015

“Cowboys and Palestinians”
Production directed by Danya Taymor, TinyRhino, August 2014

“Cat Sitting”
Staged reading directed by Kristan Seemel, Rule of 7×7 at The Tank, July 2014

“Love Miss”
Staged reading directed by Rachel Dart, Rule of 7×7 at The Tank, May 2014

“The Sisterhood of Beth Shalom”
Staged reading directed by Courtney Ulrich, NY Madness, March 2014

Production directed by Josh Boerman, #serials@theflea, The Flea Theater, December 2013

“JFK Goes to The Hamptons”
Production directed by Natalie Glick, Deadline 24 Hour Play Festival, The Dirty Blondes, Brooklyn, NY, November, 2013

“Really Jewish”
Staged reading directed by Kaja Martin at Theatricum Botanicum, Seedlings Festival, October 2012

“I Love You”
Showcase production, ABC Talent Diversity Showcase, October 2012

“A Quorum of Friends”
Production directed by Heather Cohn at The Brick Theater, Democracy Festival, June 2012

“Happy Hanukah”
Production directed by Aneesha Kudtarkar, American Nightcap, INTAR Theatre, December 2013
Production directed by Zach Kaufer at Slanderous Tongues Theatre, “Heigh Ho, the Holly!” Winter Cabaret, November 2011

“Dancing with The Trauma Victims”
Production directed by Roger Mason at University of Southern California, 24-hour Play Festival, May 2011

“Monica Wants to Be President”
Reading, Brain Melt Consortium, 90s Fondue, NY, April 2011

“How to Make a Shiva Call”
Finalist: Double (XX) Fest 2.0, Stone Soup Theatre, April 2012; 12th Annual EstroGenius Festival, Manhattan Theatre Source, November 2011
Staged reading directed by Zach Kaufer at New Moon Short Play Festival, Luna Stage, May 2013
Staged reading directed by Laura Giannarelli at DC Swan Day, Georgetown Theatre Company, March 2011
Production, directed by Scott Jay at University of Southern California, 10×10 Festival, January 200

“Stir Fry”
Directed by Kellie Powell at Bloody Gore-geous Monologues: A Celebration of Women in Horror, La Petite Morgue, February 2013

Directed by Sara Lyons at Pussyfest, Caps Lock Theater, July 2012

Project Y Playwrights Group, CubaOne Literary Fellow

Awards & Residencies
UMASS Amherst New Play Lab, 2016
Pataphysics Playwriting Workshop with Anne Washburn, The Flea Theater
WordBRIDGE Playwrights Laboratory, 2012
Radio Play Workshop with Arthur Yorinks, The Flea Theater, 2012
Kirstie McDonald Mori Emerging Playwright Award, 2010
Primary Stages’ Marvin Einhorn Scholarship, 2008

University of Southern California, MFA in Dramatic Writing (08-11)
New York University, BA in Dramatic Writing & Literature (02-06)