Full Length Plays
but you’re okay
dark comedy
A hyper-naturalistic attempt to explore the world of millennial courtship in the age of dick pics and emojis. At the center of the story is a rape and its complicated denouement between two best friends.

dark comedy
In 2018, Rachel is worried that Jared Kushner is making the world more dangerous for Jews because his public image embodies the worst of Jewish stereotypes: he’s wealthy, avaricious, and ominously wields world power behind the scenes. She devises a plan to go back in time to 1999, hook up with teenager-Jared, and break his penis, preventing him from marrying Ivanka – saving the reputation of Jews around the world.

Havana, Wisconsin
dark comedy
Two recent Cuban immigrants, Yanela and Leo mostly to keep to themselves, though there is their neighbor Mary who’s in love with Leo. Yanela used to be a ballerina, and she and Leo came to the U.S. with high hopes of success. But they’re now stuck in their small studio apartment in Madison, Wisconsin — and Yanela has been taking a bath for two years.

I Changed My Mind, I’m Fine
dark romantic comedy
Hannah, 25, is diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and quits her job as a pharmaceutical copywriter. She skips chemo to run off to Cuba, where her mother was born, with the hot insurance auditor who is following her. But no matter how far she runs, her body keeps catching up with her, and so does her dysfunctional family, keeping her adventure a little too real.

Jessie & Sam (or Sam & Jessie): A Totally Absurd Love Story
dark romantic comedy
Jessica’s boyfriend, Sam, suddenly dies. She enlists the help of her mentor, The Artist, and brings Sam back to life by writing a play. Unfortunately, being the author of your own story doesn’t mean things will go as planned.

Jew Kamp
dark comedy
On a summer teen-tour trip, a group of teenagers visit concentration camps in Poland during the day, and then hook up with each other at night (or at least try to).

dark comedy
Hayley is a 29-year-old woman who writes advertising copy for an erectile dysfunction drug. She is an introvert who struggles to be outgoing in a job where she’s constantly expected to perform excitement. Often, she is left feeling isolated and ignored by her coworkers.  “Work/Life” focuses on the small and large instances of dehumanization that occur every day in the corporate work environment.