Full Length Plays
Buyer’s Remorse
dark comedy
Mindy loves Hermes scarves around her neck, Christian Louboutin shoes on her feet, and Chanel everywhere else. But when her husband, Phil, kills himself, she’s forced to take a closer to look at her bills, her daughter, Lauren, and her life choices.

Havana, Wisconsin
dark comedy
Two recent Cuban immigrants, Yanela and Leo mostly to keep to themselves, though there is their neighbor Mary who’s in love with Leo. Yanela used to be a ballerina, and she and Leo came to the U.S. with high hopes of success. But they’re now stuck in their small studio apartment in Madison, Wisconsin — and Yanela has been taking a bath for two years.

I Changed My Mind, I’m Fine
dark romantic comedy
Hannah is 25 and was just diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. Accordingly, she quits her job as a pharmaceutical copywriter and skips chemo so she can run off to Cuba with the insurance auditor who is following her. Her dysfunctional family soon follows, and paradise turns out to be no less terrible than New Jersey.

Jessie & Sam (or Sam & Jessie): A Totally Absurd Love Story
dark romantic comedy
Jessica’s boyfriend, Sam, suddenly dies. She enlists the help of her mentor, The Artist, and brings Sam back to life by writing a play. Unfortunately, being the author of your own story doesn’t mean things will go as planned.

Jew Kamp
dark comedy
On a summer teen-tour trip, a group of teenagers visit concentration camps in Poland during the day, and then hook up with each other at night (or at least try to).

What Actually Happened Was
dark comedy
A hyper-naturalistic attempt to explore the world of millennial courtship in the age of dick pics and emojis. At the center of the story is a rape and its complicated denouement between two best friends.

One Act Plays
Esther the Queen
dark comedy
A modern-day comedic adaptation of the story of Purim. Esther and her best friend, Morty, try to make their way into their high school’s popular group, but their own friendship starts to fall apart.

Ten Minute Plays
Cat Sitting
A young woman and an emotional cat find an unexpected connection.

Cowboys and Palestinians
dark comedy

A fun game of Cowboys and Indians between a group of 7-year-olds gets dangerous.

Dancing with the Trauma Victims
dark comedy

A D-list actress comes to terms with her failed childhood audition for the role of “Tevye” in “Fiddler on the Roof” by she dancing through the pain on a hit reality dance competition show.

Happy Hanukah
dark comedy 

Two sisters exchange gifts on Hanukah, however things take a turn for the worse when the older sister decides to teach the younger one a very special lesson about holiday spirit.

How to Make a Shiva Call
dark comedy
A comedy about two sisters trying negotiate the rules of a shiva while in the company of an omnipresent narrator.

I Love You
After a romantic date, a girl and her roommate decipher her date’s onslaught of texts.

Love Miss
A not-so-strong friendship has trouble withstanding the rise of the iPhone.

A 28-year-old former dancer is starting up a new workout class in her New Jersey hometown, but only her younger sister shows up. Sad.

Monica Wants to be President
A pre-Clinton scandal Monica Lewinsky aspires become president of her Jewish youth group.

A Quorum of Friends
A group of college girls gather to vote and help their indecisive friend decide on whether or not she should text her frat boy hook up.

Really Jewish

An orthodox Jew and “halfie” find themselves on an awkward first date when they discover they’re not in agreement on what makes a Jew, a Jew.

The Sisterhood of Beth Shalom
Planning the Purim carnival at Congregation Beth Shalom proves to be a very difficult task.

Skinny Bitch
dark teen rom com

In this high school, the skinniest bitch with the coolest boyfriend gets the prom queen crown. A Pygmalion story where the fattest kid in school is transformed into the hottest by the girl he’s liked since fifth grade.

TV Pilots
The Center
dark comedy
A mockumentary about an eating disorder center.