Funny meets sad. But, like, in a good way.

Very excited for my reading with The Platform Group’s Ladder Series this Sunday, 9/9 at 1pm. The play is a dark comedy called “Jessie & Sam (Or Sam & Jessie): A Totally Absurd Love Story” and is about a girl whose boyfriend suddenly dies and so she brings him back by writing a play. That’s how it works, right?

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Thank you WordBRIDGE

I am back from the WordBRIDGE Playwrights Lab which was held in residence at Centerstage in Baltimore. Not to sound like I’m exaggerating or reaching for the thesaurus, but it was one of the most incredible, amazing, inspiring experiences I’ve ever had. To be respected as a playwright, especially so early in my career, was such a gift. I don’t need a reason to keep writing, but I am grateful that WordBRDIGE gave me one.

This article does a better job of explaining what makes WordBRIDGE so wonderful:

To Baltimore I go

Incredibly excited to embark on my trip to Baltimore for the WordBRIDGE Playwright Lab. While I’m there, I will be workshopping my play “I Changed My Mind, I’m Fine.” The play is a dark romantic comedy about a 25 year old woman with inflammatory breast cancer who decides to skip chemo and go to Cuba with the insurance auditor who is following her. I like to make depressing things feel less so.

Find out more about WordBRIDGE and the cool things they do here,

Eat me

Some delicious news. My monologue simply titled, “Dinner” will be included in Pussyfest on Sunday, June 17th at 8pm at Joria Productions (260 West 36th Street, 3rd floor). There will be another show this Friday, June 8th with a whole different set of monologues by other yummy playwrights.

All proceeds go to support the Fringe production of Mariah MacCarthy’s Magic Trick.

So go.

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To Text or Not to Text, That is the Question

Olivia is having a serious dilemma. She hooked up with this guy at a frat party and now it’s been two days without a single text. WTF. She can’t decide if she should take matter into her own hands, so she does what any sensible, self-respecting girl would do. She gathers her friends, they put on some fancy white wigs, and conducts a vote.

Come find out what she finally does. See my ten-minute play “A Quorum of Friends” this weekend, June 1-3. It’s part of The Brick Theater’s Democracy Festival. Get your tickets here:

And if you want to hear more of the lovely things that flow from my fingertips, read this interview:


My Long-titled Play is Having a Reading

I’m excited to announce that my play, “Jessie & Sam (Or Sam & Jessie): A Totally Absurd Love Story” will be a part of the The Platform Group’s Ladder Series, a staged reading series for new plays. “Jessie & Sam” (the nickname for my long-titled play) is about a young woman whose boyfriend suddenly dies and so she writes a play to bring him back. I always feel strangely self-conscious whenever I describe this play.


Please come to the reading on September 9th at 1pm at:

The Creek and Cave
10-93 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101

So super excited?  E-mail to reserve your ticket.

Visit to learn more about this wondrous theater company.


Willkommen zu Juden Kamp

Last Wednesday, my friends Amielynn and Amin hosted a reading for my new play, “Jew Kamp,” in their attic. “Jew Kamp” is about Jewish teenagers exploring their sexual and religious identities while visiting concentration camps in Poland during the summer. Since it’s a play that riffs on the Holocaust, we thought hiding in the attic and having the actors speak in whispers would set the mood. Just kidding, the reading was held in their living room. I was very pleased that the laughter was very loud because it would be more likely to piss of the Nazis that way. Kidding again. I really can’t stop it with the Holocaust jokes.

Anyway, the reading for “Jew Kamp” was incredibly helpful and informative, and I think I know what to do next in order to make this play better and bring it to a concentration camp near you. Theater, I mean theater, near you.

Shabbat Dinner Came Early This Week

Thanks to Meropi Peponides and Beto O’Byrne’s theater company, Radical Evolution,  I was able to not only enjoy a totally Jew-y meal full of kugel, challah and rugelach, I was also able to hear the latest draft of my play, “Buyer’s Remorse.” It was both delicious and highly entertaining.

“Buyer’s Remorse” is about a 45 year old shopaholic whose husband kills himself, and then she has find a way to support herself and her 18 year old daughter. She also enters a brisket contest and has an affair with her high school sweetheart and shule president, Hershel Finkelstein. Jews know how to make the best out of any situation.

Please visit Radical Evolution’s site at to learn more about their theatrical endeavors.

What Happens When I Blog in the 3rd Person

Stephanie Swirsky is the recipient of the Kirstie McDonald Mori Emerging Playwright Award for her play, “Lashon Hora” which is featured in the anthology, “Living and Writing of America’s Left Coast: Contemporary Women’s Plays.” Her plays have been developed at the University of Southern California, Western Edge Playwright’s Salon, and The Brick Theater. This summer, she will participate in the WordBRIDGE Playwrights Laboratory. Stephanie received her MFA in Dramatic Writing from the University of Southern California, and her BA from New York University.


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